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Doctor's recommendations

Dr. Urologist Miha Dr. Miha
11 years
It is no secret that in Slovenia men neglect their health, especially if we are talking about a delicate issue like prostatitis. Many are ashamed to go to the doctor and, finally, the disease becomes chronic. In this case, I personally recommend capsules Prostaminthey have a complex effect, and allow to cure prostatitis on your own. The natural composition guarantees the absence of dangerous side effects and fast treatment.

Prostamin – a quick decision men's problems

prostatitis - inflammation of prostate in men

In the 21st century, the incidence of prostatitis has increased markedly, according to a swelling of the prostate patient for about 20% of the male population in Slovenia , however, the doctors call on all the other figures – more than half of the able body men are sick with prostatitis. This difference in the data to explain the traditional reluctance of the men actively monitor their health and visit doctors, and even more, to play on small issue like prostatitis. The disease can occur without pronounced symptoms, which makes diagnosis and treatment if you have a good amount of time and effort. To deal with prostatitis, doctors recommend the use of capsules Prostamindesigned specifically for the rapid treatment of the inflammation of the prostate at home.

Prostatitis – why is this?

To understand what is on the prostate, you need to first understand what the prostate is and what function it exercises in the body.

The gland of the prostate or the prostate produces seminal fluid, and is also compatible with the production of the hormones at the appropriate level. Externally, it is a bag next to the system urogenital. Therefore, during inflammation, when the prostate increases in size, it is not as unpleasant symptoms such as pain during urination, frequent need. Iron, simply, constricts the channel, not allowing the bladder to empty normally.

Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate caused by stasis of the circulation of the blood, which can happen for a number of reasons. Below are the most common points that cause swelling:

As you can see, completely different groups of men may be susceptible to the disease, for different reasons. Fortunately, the use of prophylactic d' Prostamin helps prevent prostatitis or defeat him in any phase of development. Treatment of prostatitis was fast and safe!

The symptoms of prostatitis

Although sometimes the disease can go unnoticed, giving itself felt, the symptoms are of the most simple and effective way to learn about the presence of the disease. A visit to a specialist for further examination.

As Prostamin helps with prostatitis?

Prostamin - innovation in the treatment of prostatitis
  1. Effective capsules Prostamin have complex effects by acting on the disease from different angles. In the first place it is the inflammation, discomfort during urination, active ingredients to quickly remove the inflammation. Reset the circulation of blood, eliminates stasis of blood. Stimulates work of the immune system, the body begins to take an active part in the fight against the disease.
  2. Natural capsules designed with an emphasis on the efficacy and safety of use, lack of side effects allows to apply the drug at home without medical supervision. The effectiveness of the drug is not inferior to the most serious of the drugs in the market, but in contrast with the chemical agents aggressive Prostamin it does not hurt the health.
  3. Certification of the entire EU, quality assurance and compliance with all the standards of medicines in the European Union. The production facilities are located in Switzerland.
  4. The tool has a positive effect on power, not only restore it to its former level, but on the rise. Increases the general tone of the body, of the vitality.
  5. It was implemented the clinical research tools Prostamin to establish the impact involving 3,000 men from 25 to 55 years, with different stages of the prostatitis. 99% of the subjects confirmed the disappearance of all the symptoms after 30 days of medication. 97% confirm the absence of recurrence in the period of 3 years after admission.

Composition Prostamin

shiitake mushrooms consisting of Prostamin
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