Instructions for use Prostamin

How to use Prostamin, instructions for use

instructions for use Prostamin

You'll get the maximum effect from the use of a drug for the treatment of prostatitis Prostamin, applied according to the instructions. It is attached to the package with the capsules and explains in detail how to use the tool. In case if you lost the manual, guide to the application posted on our website:

The course of the drug Prostamin is of 1 month. Take capsules two times a day, one at a time, squeezed a small amount of water. To accelerate the treatment, experts recommend start to make small daily exercises to improve circulation.


  • Pain during urination, intermittent flow, more frequent urination.
  • Erectile dysfunction, weak erections.
  • Pain in the groin.
  • The inability to achieve ejaculation, changes color of sperm.
  • If any of these symptoms, it is recommended to start the treatment of prostatitis media Prostamin.


Natural capsules for the treatment of prostate cancer without contraindications and is designed for use by any man in Slovenia . But in order to avoid allergic reactions, ensure that you do not have allergies to components of the product.